From March to December 2020, we tracked segments of a dynamically generated email infrastructure that attackers used to send more than a million emails per month, distributing at least seven distinct malware families in dozens of campaigns using a variety of phishing entices and tactics. These campaigns aimed to deploy malware on target networks across the world, with notable concentration in the United Nation, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Attackers targeted the wholesale distribution, financial services, and healthcare industries.

By tracing these campaigns, we uncovered a sprawling infrastructure that is robust enough to seem legitimate to many mail providers, while flexible enough to allow the dynamic generation of new domain names and remain evasive. Shared IP space, realm generation algorithm( DGA) patterns, subdomains, enrollments metadata, and signals from the headers of malicious emails enabled us to validate our research through overlaps in campaigns where attackers utilized multiple segments of purchased, owned, or compromised infrastructure. Using the intelligence we gleaned on this infrastructure, we were at times able to predict how a realm was going to be used even before campaigns began.

This email infrastructure and the malware campaigns that use it exemplify the increasing sophistication of cybercriminal procedures, conducted in accordance with attackers who are motivated to use malware infections for more injury, potentially most lucrative attempts. In reality, more recent campaigns that utilized critical infrastructures distributed malware households linked to follow-on human-operated assaults, including campaigns that deployed Dopplepaymer, Makop, Clop, and other ransomware families.

Our deep investigation into this infrastructure brings to light these important insights about persistent cybercriminal operations 😛 TAGEND

Tracking an email infrastructure surfaces patterns in attacker activity, bubbling up common elements in seemingly disparate campaigns Among domains that attackers use for mailing emails, distributing malware, or command-and-control, the email domains are the most likely to share basic registration similarities and more likely to use DGA Malware services rely on proxy providers to construct tracking and attribution difficult, but the proxies themselves can provide insights into upcoming campaigns and improve our ability to proactively protect against them Gaining intelligence on email infrastructures enables us to build or improve proactive and comprehensive protections like those provided by Microsoft Defender for Office 365 to defend against some of the world’s most active malware campaigns

While there is existing in-depth research into some of these specific campaigns, in this blog we’ll share more findings and details on how email distribution infrastructures drive some of the most prevalent malware procedures today. Our goal is to provide important intelligence that hosting providers, registrars, ISPs, and email protection services can use and build on to protect patrons from the threats of today and the future. We’ll also share insights and context to empower security researchers and customers to take all the advantages of solutions like Microsoft Defender for Office 365 to perform deep investigation and hunting in their environment and make their organizations resilient against attacks.

The role of for-sale infrastructure services in the threat ecosystem

We spotted the first segment of the infrastructure in March, when multiple realms were registered applying distinct naming patterns, including the heavy employ of the word “strange”, inspiring the epithet StrangeU. In April, a second segment of the infrastructure, one that used realm generation algorithm( DGA ), began enrollment as well. We call this segment RandomU.

The emergence of this infrastructure in March dovetailed with the interruption of the Necurs botnet that resulted in the reduction of service. Before being disrupted, Necurs was one of the world’s largest botnets and was used by prolific malware campaign operators such as those behind Dridex. For-sale services like Necurs enable attackers to invest in malware production while leasing the delivery components of their activities to further obfuscate their behavior. The StrangeU and RandomU infrastructure appear to fill in the service gap that the Necurs disruption generated, is proof that attackers are highly motivated to quickly adapt to temporary interruptions to their operations.

Graph showing timeline of the Necurs takedown and the staging and operation of StrangeU and RandomU

Figure 1. Timeline of staging and used by the email infrastructure

At first, the new email infrastructure was used infrequently in campaigns that distributed highly commodity malware like Mondfoxia and Makop. Soon, however, it attracted the attention of Dridex and Trickbot operators, who began using the infrastructure for portions of their campaigns, sometimes exclusively and sometimes mixed with other compromised infrastructure or email providers.

Analyzing these mail clusters provides insight into how human the tangled web of modular attacker infrastructure remains. From federating key traits in registration and behavior to the simple and effective techniques that the wide variety of malware employs, attackers’ aims in this diversification point toward combatting automated analysis. Nonetheless, these same shared characteristics and methods translate to insights that inform resilient protections that defend customers against these attacks.

Realm enrollment and email infrastructure staging

On March 7, 2020, attackers began registering a series of realms with Namecheap applying specifies of stolen email addresses, largely from free email services like,,, and others. These domains all had similar characteristics that could be linked back to various similarities in registration. Almost all of the registered domains contained the word “strange” and were under the. us TLD, hence the epithet StrangeU. The apply of. us TLD prevented domain or WHOIS privacy services–often used to obfuscate domain ownership and provenance–which are prohibited for this TLD.

To circumvent tracking and detection of these domains, attackers utilized false registration metadata. Nonetheless, there was heavy crossover in the sham names and email addresses, allowing us to find additional domain names, some of which could be tied together applying other keywords as shown in the list below, and fingerprint the domain generation mechanism.

The StrangeU domains were registered in early March 2020 and operated in continuous small volleys until April, when they were used for a large ransomware campaign. Following that, a new campaign passed fairly regularly every few weeks. Registration of new realms continued throughout the year, and in September, the StrangeU infrastructure was used in conjunction with a similar infrastructure to deliver Dridex, after which these domains were used less frequently.

This second mail segment, RandomU, hired a different DGA mechanism but still utilized Namecheap and demonstrated a more consistent through line of a registered metadata than its StrangeU counterpart. This infrastructure, which surfaced in April, was used infrequently through the Spring, with a surge in May and July. After the Dridex campaign in September in which it was used along with StrangeU, it has been used in two large Dridex campaigns every month.

Table listing observed patterns in StrangeU and RandomU infrastructures

Figure 2. Common patterns in domains are members of the email infrastructure

The StrangeU and RandomU segments of domains paint a picture of supplementing modular mail services that allowed attackers to launch region-specific and enterprise-targeting attacks at scale, delivering over six million emails. The two segments contained a standard barrage of mailing subdomains, with over 60 unique subdomains referencing email across clusters, consistent with each other, with each realm having four to five subdomains. The following is a sample of malware campaigns, some of which we discuss in detail in succeeding segments, that we find critical infrastructures utilized for 😛 TAGEND

Korean spear-phishing campaigns that delivered Makop ransomware in April and June Emergency alarm notifications that distributed Mondfoxia in April Black Lives Matter lure that delivered Trickbot in June Dridex campaign delivered through StrangeU and other infra from June to July Dofoil( SmokeLoader) campaign in August Emotet and Dridex activities in September, October, and November

Timeline of campaigns using the StrangeU and RandomU infrastructures

Figure 3. Timeline of campaigns that used StrangeU and RandomU domains

Korean spear-phishing delivers Makop ransomware( April and June 2020)

In early April, StrangeU was used to deliver the Makop ransomware. The emails were sent to organizations that had major business operations in Korea and used epithets of Korean companies as display epithets. Signals from Microsoft Defender for Office 365 indicated that these campaigns ran in short bursts.

The emails had. zip attachments containing executables with file epithets that resembled resumes from task seekers. Once a customer opened the attachments, the executables delivered Makop, a ransomware-as-a-service( RaaS) payload that targeted devices and backups.

Upon infection, the malware quickly applied the WMI command-line( WMIC) utility and deleted shadow photocopies. It then utilized the BCEdit tool and varied the boot configuration to ignore future failures and prevent restoration before encrypting all files and renaming them with. makop extensions.

The second day we find the campaign virtually 2 months later, in early June, the attackers utilized a Makop ransomware variant with many modified factors, including added perseverance via scripts in the Startup folder before triggering a reboot.

Nearly identical attempts to deliver Makop apply resume-based lures were covered by Korean security media during the entire year, use popular mail services through legitimate vendors like Naver and Hanmail. This could indicate that during short flares the Makop operators were unable to launch their campaigns through legitimate services and had to move to alternate infrastructures like StrangeU instead.

Black Life-times Matter lure delivers Trickbot( June 2020)

One campaign associated with the StrangeU infrastructure gained disrepute in mid-June for its tempt as well as for providing the notorious info-stealing malware Trickbot. This campaign circulated emails with malicious Word documents claiming to seek anonymous input on the Black Lives Matter movement.

An initial version of this campaign was observed on June 10 sending emails from a separate, unique attacker-owned mailing infrastructure employing. monster domains. Nonetheless, in the next iteration almost two weeks ago, the campaign delivered emails from various domains specifically created with the Black Lives Matter signage, interspersed with StrangeU realms 😛 TAGEND

b-lives-matter [.] site blivesm[.]space blivesmatter [.] site lives-matter-b[.]xyz whoslivesmatter [.] site lives-m-b[.]xyz ereceivedsstrangesecureworld [.] us b-l-m[.]site

Both campaigns carried the same Trickbot payload, operated for 2 day, and used identical post-execution commands and callouts to compromised WordPress sites.

Once a user opened the document attachment and enabled the malicious macro, Word launched cmd.exe with the command “/ c pause” to escape security tools that monitored for successive launchings of multiple procedures. It then launched commands that deleted proxy sets preparing for connecting to multiple C2 IP addresses.

Screenshot of malicious document

Figure 4. Screenshot of the malicious record used to deliver Trickbot

The commands also launched rundll3 2. exe, a native binary commonly used as a living-off-the-land binary, to load a malicious file in remembrance. The hijacked rundll3 2. exe likewise proceeded to perform other tasks using other living-off-the-land binaries, including wermgr.exe and svchost.exe.

In turn, the hijacked wermgr.exe process dropped a file with a. bird-dog extension that appeared to be the Trickbot payload. The same instance of wermgr.exe then appeared to inject code into svchost.exe and scanned for open SMB ports on other devices. The hijacked svchost.exe applied WMI to open connections to additional devices on the network, while continuing to collect data from the initial infected device. It also opened multiples browsers on localhost connections to capture browser history and other information via esentutl.exe and grabber_temp.edb, both of which are often used by the Trickbot malware family.

This campaign overwhelmingly targeted corporate reports in the United States and Canada and avoided individual reports. Despite heavy media coverage, this campaign was relatively small, indicating a common behaviour among cybercrime groups, which often run multiple, dynamic low-volume campaigns designed to evade resilient detection.

Dridex campaigns large and small( June to July 2020 and beyond)

From late June through July, Dridex operators operated numerous campaigns that distributed Excel documents with malicious macros to infect machines. These operators first delivered emails through the StrangeU infrastructure simply, but they rapidly started to use compromised email accounts of legitimate organisations as well, preventing defenders from easily blocking deliveries. Despite this, emails from either StrangeU or the compromised accounts had overlapping properties. For example, many of the emails use the same Reply To addresses that were sourced from compromised individual reports and not consistent with the sender addresses.

During the bulk of this run, Excel files were attached immediately in the email in order to eventually pull the Dridex payload from. xyz realms like those below. The attackers varied the delivery domains every few days and connected to IP-based C2s on familiar ports like 4664, 3889, 691, and 8443 😛 TAGEND

yumicha [.] xyz rocesi[.]xyz secretpath [.] xyz guruofbullet[.]xyz Greyzone [.] xyz

When opened, the Excel document installed part of a series of tradition Dridex executables downloaded from the attacker C2 websites. Like most variants in this malware family, the tradition Dridex executables incorporated code loops, time delays, and environment detection mechanisms that scaped numerous public and enterprise sandboxes.

Dridex is well known for its capability to perform credential theft and establish connectivity to attacker infrastructure. In such instances, the same Dridex payload was circulated daily using differing entices, often repeatedly to the same organizations to ensure execution on target networks.

During the longer and more stable Excel Dridex campaigns in June and July, a Dridex variant was also distributed in much smaller quantities utilizing Word documents over a one-day period, perhaps testing new deception techniques. These Word documents, while still delivering Dridex, improved existing obfuscation methods utilizing a unique combination of VBA stomping and supplanting macros and function calls with arbitrary text. In a few samples of these documents, we find text from Shakespearean prose.

var farewell_and_moon=[ “m”, “a”, “e”, “r”, “t”, “s”, “.”, “b”, “d”, “o”, “d”, “a” ]. reverse (). join( “”) a_painted_word(120888) function as_thy_face( takes_from_hamlet) return new ActiveXObject( takes_from_hamlet )

While Microsoft researchers didn’t observe this portion of the campaign moving into the human-operated phase–targets did not open the attachment–this campaign was likely to introduce tools like PowerShell Empire or Cobalt Strike to steal credentials, move laterally, and deploy ransomware.

Emotet, Dridex, and the RandomU infrastructure( September and beyond)

Despite an errant handful of deliveries distributing Dofoil( also known as SmokeLoader) and other malware, the vast majority of the remaining deliveries through StrangeU have been Dridex campaigns that reoccured every few weeks for a handful of periods at a time. These campaigns started on September 7, when RandomU and StrangeU were notably used in a single campaign, after which StrangeU began to see less utilization.

These Dridex campaigns utilized an Emotet loader and initial infrastructure for hosting, allowing the attackers to conduct a highly modular email campaign that delivered multiples distinct links to compromised domains. These domains hired heavy sandbox deception and are connected by a series of PHP patterns ending in a small subset of options: zxlbw.php, yymclv.php, zpsxxla.php, or app.php. As information campaigns continued, the PHP was dynamically made, adding other variants, including vary.php, invoice.php, share.php, and many others. Some instances are below.

hxxps :// molinolafama [.] com [.] mx/ app [.] php hxxps://meetingmins[.]com/app[.]php hxxps :// contrastmktg [.] com/ yymclv [.] php hxxps://idklearningcentre[.]com[.]ng/zxlbw[.]php hxxps :// idklearningcentre [.] com [.] ng/ zpsxxla [.] php hxxps://idklearningcentre[.]com[.]ng/yymclv[.]php hxxps :// hsa [.] ht/ yymclv [.] php hxxps://hsa[.]ht/zpsxxla[.]php hxxps :// hsa [.] ht/ zxlbw [.] php hxxps://contrastmktg[.]com/yymclv[.]php hxxps :// way [.] topad [.] co [.] uk/ zpsxxla [.] php hxxps://seoemail[.]com[.]au/zxlbw[.]php hxxps :// spawned [.] fr-authentification-source-no [.] inaslimitada [.] com/ zpsxxla [.] php hxxp://www[.]gbrecords[.]london/zpsxxla[.]php hxxp :// autoblogsite [.] com/ zpsxxla [.] php hxxps://thecrossfithandbook[.]com/zpsxxla[.]php hxxps :// mail [.] 168 vitheyrealestate [.] com/ zpsxxla [.] php

In this campaign, sandboxes were frequently redirected to unrelated websites like chemical manufacturers or medical suppliers, while customers received an Emotet downloader within a Word document, which once again used macros to facilitate malicious activities.

Screenshot of malicious document

Figure 5. Screenshot of the malicious document used to deliver Dridex

The malicious macro utilized WMI to run a series of standard PowerShell commands. First, it downloaded the executable warhead itself by contacting a series of C2 realms associated with Emotet campaigns since July. Afterward, additional encoded PowerShell commands were used in a similar fashion to download a. zip file that contained a Dridex DLL. Additional commands likewise reached out to a variety of Emotet infrastructure hosted on compromised WordPress administrative pages, even after the Dridex payload has previously downloaded. Dridex then modified RUN keys to automatically start the Dridex executable, which was renamed to riched2 0. exe on subsequent logons.

We also find simultaneous connections to associated Dridex and Emotet infrastructure. These connects were widely unencrypted and passed over various categories of ports and services, including ports 4664 and 9443. At this level the malware had firm existence on the machine, enabling attackers to perform human-operated activity at a later date.

In the past, reports have confirmed Dridex being delivered via leased Emotet infrastructure. There have also been many IP and payload-based associations. This research adds to that body of work and corroborates additional associations via namespace, as well as correlation of email tempt, metadata, and sender. This iteration of campaign reiterated through October to December largely unchanged with virtually identical mails.

Defend organisations against malware campaigns

As strikes continue to grow in modularity, the tactics that attackers use to deliver phishing email, gain initial access on systems, and move laterally are constantly become more varied. This research shows that despite these inequalities and the increased resiliency attackers have built, the core tactics and tools that they use are still limited in scope, relying repeatedly on familiar malicious macros, entices, and sending tactics.

Sweeping research into massive attacker infrastructures, as well as our real-time monitoring of malware campaigns and attacker activity, directly inform Microsoft security answers, allowing us to build or improve protections that block malware campaigns and other email threats, both current and future, as well as provide endeavors with the tools for investigating and responding to email campaigns in real-time.

Microsoft delivers these capabilities through Microsoft Defender for Office 365. Features likes Safe attachments and Safe links ensure real-time, dynamic protection against email campaigns no matter the enticement or deception tactic. These features use a combination of detonation, automated analysis, and machine learning to detect new and unknown menaces. Meanwhile, the Campaign view shows the complete picture of email campaigns as they happen, including timelines, sending patterns, impact to the organization, and details like IP address, senders, and URLs. These insights into email threats empower security procedures squads to respond to attempts, perform additional hunting, and secure configuration issues.

Armed with an advanced solution like Microsoft Defender for Office 365 and the rest of technologies in the broader Microsoft 365 Defender solution, enterprises can further increase resilience against menaces by following these recommendations 😛 TAGEND

Educate “users “ about protecting personal and business knowledge in social media, filtering unsolicited communication, recognizing tempts in spear-phishing email, and reporting of reconnaissance attempts and other suspicious activity. ConfigureOffice 365 email filtering determines to ensure blocking of phishing& spoofed emails, spam, and emails with malware. Set Office 365 to recheck associates on click and delete sent mail to benefit from freshly acquired threat intelligence. Disallow macros or permit simply macros from trusted locations. See the latest security baselines for Office and Office 365. Turn on AMSI for Office VBA. Check perimeter firewall and proxy to restrict servers from making arbitrary connections to the internet to browse or download files. Turn on network protection to block connections to malicious domains and IP addresses. Such restraints help inhibit malware downloads and command-and-control activity.

Turning on attack surface reduction rules, including rules that can block advanced macro activity, executable content, process creation, and process injection initiated by Office applications, also significantly improves defenses. The following rules are especially useful in obstruct the techniques observed in campaigns applying the StrangeU and RandomU infrastructure 😛 TAGEND

Block executable content from email client and webmail Block all Office applications from creating child process Block Office applications from creating executable content Block Office applications from injecting code into other procedures Block Win3 2 API calls from Office macros Block executable files from operating unless they meet a prevalence, age, or trusted list criterion Block Javascript or VBScript from launching downloaded executable content Block execution of potentially obfuscated scripts

Microsoft 365 clients can also use the advanced hunting abilities in Microsoft 365 Defender, which integrates signals from Microsoft Defender for Office 365 and other solutions, to locate activities and artifacts related to the infrastructure and campaigns discussed in this blog. These queries can be used with advanced hunting in Microsoft 365 security center, but the same regex pattern can be used on other security tools to identify or block emails.

This query searches for emails sent from StrangeU email addresses. Run query

EmailEvents | where SenderMailFromDomain matches regex @” ^(?: eraust | ereply | reply | ereceived | received | reaust | esend | inv | mail | emailboost | eontaysstrange | eprop | frost | eont | servicply ).*( strange | stange | emailboost ).*\. us$ ” or SenderFromDomain matches regex @” ^(?: eraust | ereply | reply | ereceived | received | reaust | esend | inv | mail | emailboost | eontaysstrange | eprop | frost | eont | servicply ).*( strange | stange | emailboost ).*\. us$ ”

Learn how you can stop onslaughts through automated, cross-domain security and built-in AI with Microsoft Defender 365.

Indicators of compromise StrangeU domains

esendsstrangeasia [.] us sendsstrangesecuretoday[.]us emailboostgedigital [.] us

emailboostgelife [.] us emailboostgelifes[.]us emailboostgesecureasia [.] us

eontaysstrangeasia [.] us eontaysstrangenetwork[.]us eontaysstrangerocks [.] us

eontaysstrangesecureasia [.] us epropivedsstrangevip[.]us ereplyggstangeasia [.] us

ereplyggstangedigital [.] us ereplyggstangeereplys[.]us ereplyggstangelifes [.] us

ereplyggstangenetwork [.] us ereplyggstangesecureasia[.]us frostsstrangeworld [.] us

servicceivedsstrangevip [.] us servicplysstrangeasia[.]us servicplysstrangedigital [.] us

servicplysstrangelife [.] us servicplysstrangelifes[.]us servicplysstrangenetwork [.] us

ereceivedsstrangesecureworld [.] us ereceivedsstrangetoday[.]us ereceivedsstrangeus [.] us

esendsstrangesecurelife [.] us sendsstrangesecureesendss[.]us ereplysstrangesecureasia [.] us

ereplysstrangesecurenetwork [.] us receivedsstrangesecurelife[.]us ereplysstrangeworld [.] us

reauestysstrangesecurelive [.] us ereceivedsstrangeworld[.]us esendsstrangesecurerocks [.] us

reauestysstrangesecuredigital [.] us reauestysstrangesecurenetwork[.]us reauestysstrangesecurevip [.] us

replysstrangesecurelife [.] us ereauestysstrangesecurerocks[.]us ereceivedsstrangeasia [.] us

ereceivedsstrangedigital [.] us ereceivedsstrangeereceiveds[.]us ereceivedsstrangelife [.] us

ereceivedsstrangelifes [.] us ereceivedsstrangenetwork[.]us ereceivedsstrangerocks [.] us

ereceivedsstrangesecureasia [.] us receivedsstrangeworld[.]us replysstrangedigital [.] us

invdeliverynows [.] us esendsstrangesecuredigital[.]us esendsstrangesecureworld [.] us

sendsstrangesecurenetwork [.] us ereceivedsstrangevip[.]us replysstrangerocs [.] us

replysstrangesecurelive [.] us invpaymentnoweros[.]us invpaymentnowes [.] us

replysstrangeracs [.] us reauestysstrangesecurebest[.]us receivedsstrangesecurebest [.] us

reauestysstrangesecurelife [.] us ereplysstrangevip[.]us reauestysstrangesecuretoday [.] us

ereplysstrangesecureus [.] us ereplysstrangetoday[.]us ereceivedsstrangesecuredigital [.] us

ereceivedsstrangesecureereceiveds [.] us ereceivedsstrangesecurelife[.]us ereceivedsstrangesecurenetwork [.] us

ereceivedsstrangesecurerocks [.] us ereceivedsstrangesecureus[.]us ereceivedsstrangesecurevip [.] us

sendsstrangesecurebest [.] us sendsstrangesecuredigital[.]us sendsstrangesecurelive [.] us

sendsstrangesecureworld [.] us esendsstrangedigital[.]us esendsstrangeesends [.] us

esendsstrangelifes [.] us esendsstrangerocks[.]us esendsstrangesecureasia [.] us

esendsstrangesecureesends [.] us esendsstrangesecurenetwork[.]us esendsstrangesecureus [.] us

esendsstrangesecurevip [.] us esendsstrangevip[.]us ereauestysstrangesecureasia [.] us

ereplysstrangeasia [.] us ereplysstrangedigital[.]us ereplysstrangeereplys [.] us

ereplysstrangelife [.] us ereplysstrangelifes[.]us ereplysstrangenetwork [.] us

ereplysstrangerocks [.] us ereplysstrangesecuredigital[.]us ereplysstrangesecureereplys [.] us

ereplysstrangesecurelife [.] us ereplysstrangesecurerocks[.]us ereplysstrangesecurevip [.] us

ereplysstrangesecureworld [.] us ereplysstrangeus[.]us reauestysstrangesecureclub [.] us

reauestysstrangesecureereauestyss [.] us reauestysstrangesecureworld[.]us receivedsstrangesecureclub [.] us

receivedsstrangesecuredigital [.] us receivedsstrangesecureereceivedss[.]us receivedsstrangesecurelive [.] us

receivedsstrangesecurenetwork [.] us receivedsstrangesecuretoday[.]us receivedsstrangesecurevip [.] us

receivedsstrangesecureworld [.] us replysstrangesecurebest[.]us replysstrangesecureclub [.] us

replysstrangesecuredigital [.] us replysstrangesecureereplyss[.]us replysstrangesecurenetwork [.] us

replysstrangesecuretoday [.] us replysstrangesecurevip[.]us replysstrangesecureworld [.] us

sendsstrangesecurevip [.] us esendsstrangelife[.]us esendsstrangenetwork [.] us

esendsstrangetoday [.] us esendsstrangeus[.]us esendsstrangeworld [.] us

sendsstrangesecureclub [.] us sendsstrangesecurelife[.]us plysstrangelifes [.] us

intulifeinoi [.] us replysstrangerocks[.]us invpaymentnowe [.] us

replysstrangelifes [.] us replysstrangenetwork[.]us invdeliverynowr [.] us

ereceivedggstangevip [.] us ereplyggstangerocks[.]us servicceivedsstrangeworld [.] us

servicplysstrangesecureasia [.] us servicplysstrangeservicplys[.]us emailboostgeasia [.] us

emailboostgeereplys [.] us emailboostgenetwork[.]us emailboostgerocks [.] us

eontaysstrangedigital [.] us eontaysstrangeeontays[.]us eontaysstrangelife [.] us

eontaysstrangelifes [.] us epropivedsstrangeworld[.]us ereceivedggstangeworld [.] us

ereplyggstangelife [.] us frostsstrangevip[.]us servicplysstrangerocks [.] us

invdeliverynow [.] us invpaymentnowlife[.]us invdeliverynowes [.] us

invpaymentnowwork [.] us replysstrangedigitals[.]us replysstrangelife [.] us

replysstrangelifee [.] us replystrangeracs[.]us RandomU domains

cnewyllansf [.] us kibintiwl[.]us planetezs [.] us sakgeldvi[.]us rdoowvaki [.] us kabelrandjc[.]us wembaafag [.] us postigleip[.]us jujubugh [.] us honidefic[.]us utietang [.] us scardullowv[.]us vorlassebv [.] us jatexono[.]us vlevaiph [.] us bridgetissimema[.]us schildernjc [.] us francadagf[.]us strgatibp [.] us jelenskomna[.]us prependerac [.] us oktagonisa[.]us enjaularszr [.] us opteahzf[.]us skaplyndiej [.] us dirnaichly[.]us kiesmanvs [.] us gooitounl[.]us izvoznojai [.] us kuphindanv[.]us pluienscz [.] us huyumajr[.]us arrutisdo [.] us loftinumkx[.]us ffermwyrzf [.] us hectorfranez[.]us munzoneia [.] us savichicknc[.]us nadurogak [.] us raceaddicteg[.]us mpixiris [.] us lestenas[.]us collahahhaged [.] us enayilebl[.]us hotteswc [.] us kupakiliayw[.]us deroutarek [.] us pomagatia[.]us mizbebzpe [.] us firebrandig[.]us univerzamjw [.] us amigosenrutavt[.]us kafrdaaia [.] us cimadalfj[.]us ubrzanihaa [.] us yamashumiks[.]us jakartayd [.] us cobiauql[.]us idiofontg [.] us 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