Nortek Security& Control’s( NSC) line of brands can be used in residential spaces as well as commercial spaces, including Furman( r) power products and ELAN( r) control systems. As an integrator and customer of these products, it is important to understand the advantages of using our products in a commercial space such as a eatery or live music venue.

There are many advantages to having Furman products in commercial spaces include having clean, purified power that is effortlessly managed through a single machine. Furman power products permit performers’ gear to operate at optimum performance and alleviates the concern of power loss during a define. The ELAN control system enables users to automate climate, media, lighting, and much better, with simply the tap of a button. Plus, through our single-app interface, everything is easily controlled using a smart machine or one of our touch panels. Let’s take a look at how a popular restaurant and music venue installed ELAN and Furman products to get the results they needed for an overall meet customer experience!

Tennessee’s Famous Saloon

Located in Nashville, the three-story Famous Saloon was renovated in 2017 to meet the demands of the 23,000 -square-foot space. The owner, May West, wanted to utilize all three degrees and genuinely construct the Famous Saloon stand out by mixing high-tech with honky-tonk.

Guests first enter through the main degree which is the designated Famous Bar, making their way upstairs to the River Bar consisting of a window overlooking the Cumberland River, leading to one of the city’s tallest rooftop saloons with a panoramic view of downtown Nashville.

Ultimate Control with ELAN Systems

West wanted to ensure the lighting, audio and video screens were all easily controllable for staff when setting up for performances and nightly switchings. Our professional installers, Lance Wascom and Chris Torri, were quick to recommend ELAN control systems to assist with the craves and needs of the owner and the building’s future guests.

An ELAN touch panel was installed for staff to adjust the dimming and coloring specifies for the illuminating, audio for each flooring, and Tv showings throughout the establishment. The updated lighting controls separate the Famous Saloon from other venues in the downtown area by setting the feeling and look of the venue. Plus, having the ability to control the volume degrees and which television is playing from a single user interface eliminates the annoyance of running around and fiddling with multiple remotes. Everything is controlled and connected employing the ELAN g! System Controller, which is designed for medium to extra-large programmes, such as this one.

Elevated Performance with Furman Power

Since the Famous Saloon is a live music venue, it is important the quality of sound and overall performance of the instruments be up to par while being protected from upsurges and brownouts. Wascom and Torri were certain that Furman power products were the solution to preventing this potential problem.

Included in the equipment rack, and adding to the ELAN system controller, is a family of Furman power products. We break down each product and their functionality below 😛 TAGEND

The Furman F1500-UPS Battery Backup which protects equipment against prolonged or momentary outages, renders clean power and AC battery if the power is lost. The Furman ASD-1 20 2.0 Power Sequencer which powers up, and down, the audio systems and amplifiers in a sequence rather than simultaneously to eliminate any loud and potentially destructive sounds to reach the speakers. The Furman PL-PROC Power Conditioner is a 20 -amp device that is perfect for commercial installings such as the Famous Saloon. This power conditioner features our Linear Filtering Technology( LiFT ), Series Multi-Stage Protection( SMP ), and Extreme Voltage Shutdown( EVS) circuits for uncompromised protection and purification.

The Famous Saloon is a great example of how to successfully implement smart engineerings and pristine power products to ensure the guests, musicians, and employees have an experience they won’t forget.

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The post Utilizing ELAN( r) Control System and Furman( r) Power Products in Commercial Space seemed first on Elan.

The post Utilizing ELAN( r) Control Systems and Furman( r) Power Products in Commercial Spaces showed first on Nortek Control.

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