Imagine showing up to work every day knowing that your job requires protecting 160,000 employees making more than 450 products around the world–tea, ice cream, personal care, laundry and dish soaps–across a patron base of more than two and a half billion people every day. Unilever Chief Information Security Officer( CISO) Bobby Ford espouses the challenge, summing up his proactive approach this route: “I believe the responsibility of our group–the cybersecurity risk management group–is to enable the business to take risks.”

In this episode of “The Shiproom”I talk with Bobby about striking that balance between hazard versus business needs, together with some of his strategies for protecting Unilever’s world personnel. We also discuss the ongoing challenges of communication and collaboration between the business and security sides of individual organizations. “I’m not the captain of the’ no’ police ,” Bobby explains. “Recognizing that “the organizations activities” has to take risks–that’s what it means to be in business.”

On overseeing those risks, Bobby provides a useful metaphor: “For me, a matured cybersecurity strategy happens at the intersection of business intelligence and threat intelligence.” We discuss what constitutes threat intelligence, and why it’s important to maintain an ongoing conversation between business and security–so that decisions aren’t induced in a vacuum.

Bobby likewise addresses the importance of diversity in the workplace, including “diversity of thought” and why a diverse personnel attains for better security. “The simplest answer is that the adversary is diverse. It’s hard to combat and defend against a diverse adversary when you absence diversity[ on your squad ]. ”

We likewise discuss British food, arm wrestling, the Queen, shampoo, quesadillas, wombats, and more. Check out the whole discussion on 😛 TAGEND

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What’s next

In an upcoming Shiproom episode, I’ll talk with Kurt John, CISO at Siemens USA. Kurt is listed in Security Magazine’s top 10 most influential cybersecurity presidents, and he’s a board member of the Virginia Innovation Partnership Authority tasked with enhancing Virginia’s tech-based economy. Kurt likewise serves on a special cybersecurity committee organized by the Under-Secretary-General of the United Commonwealth. Don’t miss it.

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