From telephones and watches, to televisions and even homes, our daily lives are becoming more enriched with “smart” products. Today, we want to talk about smart homes- what they are and how they are improved and automated with home control systems like ELAN( r ).

So, what is home automation?

Simply threw, home automation, or “Smart Home Technology”, is the use of technology to automate your home. Home automation allows you to control almost every aspect of your home through the use of a central controller that is connected to your machines via wireless frequencies, typically Wi-Fi and other protocols like Z-Wave. These include video surveillance, alarm systems, temperature control, automatic blinds or draperies and, of course, home theater and audio.

How it does this is tricky to explain, as there are no universal protocols in place; most home automation installers use what they like best. One of the most popular protocols, Z-Wave, relies heavily on wireless technology and mesh-networking to keep their systems online and secure.

Believe it or not, the earliest example of home automation started with the invention of the Thermostat. From there, home automation speedily developed into one of the biggest and fastest growing markets in technology, and that potential continues to grow. You can use it for home security, controlling gadgets, monitoring energy use, for looking after the elderly or incapacitated and more. Let’s take a look at a few of these products and how your home can work for you.

Smart thermostats

Why not start with the tech that started it all? While the basic functions of a thermostats remain the same, the underlying technology and available options have definitely received a few upgrades over the years. Smart home thermostats remain connected to the internet or local network and, in addition to controlling the temperature of your home, focus on balancing all aspects of indoor air quality — including humidity and air purity — for every room in your home.

Security cameras/ surveillance/ bell cams

Keeping your home and network safe and secure is the top priority of any good smart home security system. A centrally-connected network of home security cameras is perfect for just that. Dome cameras are designed to keep the onlooker from knowing exactly where the lens is pointed, which is particularly useful for the front entrance or places where you don’t expect passers-by or visitors to be instantly aware of the existence or whereabouts of surveillance cameras.

For added security, you can also have a video doorbell installed. These specialty cameras are designed to keep a low profile and blend in with your front door decor. When connected to your smart home’s touch panel, or your phone or tablet, the doorbell camera allows you to see who is at the door from anywhere, building it especially useful for home deliveries and helpful in spotting potential intruders.

Home theater and audio

By far the most enticing feature of home automation is hooking up your AV system( s) to one central hub and enjoying full control of your home recreation from a touch panel or mobile machine. Easily remote control multiple talkers without even having to get up from your couch. With the touch of a button, your speaker system will attain home amusement easy. Whether you are looking at a multi chamber system, surround sound, outdoor speakers, or home theater system, you will find plenty of options to get you connected.

Ready to get started?

ELAN control systems give you full command of each of the features listed above and much more. As an industry leader in smart home tech solutions for over three decades and counting, ELAN systems have worked to simplify and streamline home automation for people all over the world.

Customized to fit each user’s individual needs, ELAN systems give you control of your smart-alecky home. Our award-winning user experience features touch panels with face acknowledgment and voice control, and can also be controlled via tablet or smart-alecky phone, stimulating it easier than ever to connect and oversee your smart home.

Ready to get your whole home connected? Find a merchant near you to get started!

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