New Proficient Subwoofers leverage all the power of Sunfire( r) product designs to bring distributors and integrators more ways to elevate programmes and enlarging their growing opportunities

CARLSBAD, CALIF ., June 23, 2021 — In a move that is certain to excite both distributors and their custom installing integrators, Nortek Control today announced the introduction of multiple new Proficient( r) Subwoofers, bringing the 2021 provides to a total of nine( 9) subwoofer modelings that cover every audio application for the tradition installing distribution channel. A comprehensive collection, the new Proficient subwoofers leverage the revolutionary engineering and designing of Sunfire( r) subwoofers to deliver superior sound and the ability to select from value-driven simulates to the ultimate in audio performance. The new Proficient subwoofers join the Proficient Protege Series and are available worldwide from authorized distributors.

These Proficient subwoofers take new innovations of Sunfire subwoofer designings and build on the legacy, taking it to a whole new level of music and performance across every model. Triple motorists give rich, deep bass which is suited for home theaters and any room where music and sound are enjoyed.

In the Proficient Reference Series, the FTEQ-1 2 Subwoofer is the new flagship modeling, provide thrilling bass and power, impeccable audio and expert workmanship. Featuring dual active Kevlar High Back-EMF motorists that are mounted in a perfectly resisted configuration to cancel cabinet tremors and transfer all energy into the room for incredible bass output, this premium level subwoofer will truly shake the house. Each motorist is powered by its own 1000 -watt amplifier enabling the subwoofer to play frequencies down to 17 Hz. A stunning forte-piano black lacquer finish make this a must have for any premium space or home theater.

The freshly expanded Proficient Signature Series includes three subwoofer models, the FRS-8, FRS-1 0 and FRS-1 2. These Proficient FRS Signature Series Subwoofers offer elegance and performance in a space-efficient, high powered design with a distinguished piano black lacquer finish. The Proficient FRS Subwoofer simulates feature High-Excursion Fiberglass Cones that measure 8, 10 and 12 -inches based on the model. All render automated setup which makes it fast and easy to configure the EQ fixes with the brand-new Proficient Sub Station app, and automatically remedy for acoustic chamber anomalies.

“With today’s exciting growth opportunities in home entertainment and home theater environments, the expansion of our Proficient line with the legendary power of Sunfire subwoofers, will help our distributors and their merchants maximize marketings and customer satisfaction, ” said Richard Pugnier, Vice President of Marketing at Nortek Control. “This is a direct result of our recent streamlined brand strategy that takes the finest audio engineerings we have and packs them into our next generation of subwoofers for the distribution channel. This means that more people now have access to the finest voiced engineering available, and the CI community is best equipped as patrons seek to maximize their home entertainment.”

Added Jeff Shaw, Senior Director of Product Management for Nortek Control, “In addition to their design, rich bass and audio quality, “were having” maximized flexible of every new Proficient Subwoofer with our optional wireless audio kit and new Sub Station Mobile App. This allows dealers the total freedom to place them anywhere in a chamber to create a heart-pounding, altogether immersive listening experience.”

The Proficient Protege, Signature and Reference Series Subwoofers are available in June and July from authorized Proficient distributors. Dealers can obtain pricing information from their local distributor. To gain access, Distributors can request access to the Nortek Control PRO Portal by contacting PRO @nortekcontrol. com.

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