The ELAN 8.6 Software and comprehensive new product lineup creates the ideal control solution for every install from a single room to the most expansive property

CARLSBAD, CALIF ., March 17, 2021 — Emphasizing flexibility and value in smart home control engineering, Nortek Control today announced a complete, integrated suite of System Controllers for ELAN( r) control solutions. Driven by the new ELAN 8.6 Software, ELAN products can now deliver the ideally matched control answer for every smart home automation scenario–from a single room media system to a sprawling luxury estate or commercial venue with multiple buildings. And now, the ELAN System is more flexible than ever with the addition of Z-Wave( r) to control compatible devices.

The freshly updated ELAN 8.6 Software brings native Z-Wave Plus support to all ELAN EL-SC System Controllers, including new modelings has announced that and detailed below. Easy discovery and installation of all Z-Wave devices can be accomplished via ELAN Viewer app on mobile devices.

“We’re extremely excited to announce that we are taking the connected home to a whole new level. With the combination of the power-packed ELAN 8.6 Software and our strong household of individual IP-based ELAN System Controllers, we are delivering elevated control, flexibility and efficiency to suit any smart home programme, ” said Richard Pugnier, Vice President of Marketing at Nortek Control. “Each piece is designed to accommodate different sized installations, offering easy selections for deployment and virtually unlimited future expansion. Homeowners and Integrators alike bring benefits as they can use the controller that’s perfectly suited to their needs while being able to grow seamlessly with our hardware options.”

Major enhancements ushered in by the ELAN 8.6 Software include Alexa International capability, Lutron QSX integration and more. Auto-generated Lighting and Shades pages can be grouped with ease. New viewer-based scene editor allows for customers to customize scenes. In addition to lighting improvements, the ELAN 8.6 Software enables mobile export of surveillance video clips from ELAN NVR on iOS and Android smart devices.

New Hardware Solutions

The just-announced family of ELAN hardware includes several alternatives, is IP-enabled for integrating and can expand via external I/ O options and software licenses. Resulting with the new flagship ELAN EL-SC-3 00 -ZW System Controller, big to massive projects are easily addressed. With every control option imaginable, the EL-SC-3 00 -ZW provides the ultimate flexibility for a home and system of most any size. It brings together all the intelligent machines and allows them work together in one seamless system. Homeowners can control media, illuminating, climate, pond/ spa, irrigation, bell cameras, security and more through a single app interface. Compatible with other ELAN devices and many third-party products, an included Z-Wave transceiver also enables control of compatible Z-Wave devices.

For smaller to moderate installings the ELAN EL-SC-1 00 -ZW System Controller offer a single degree of control and automation for media, climate, illuminating, security, monitoring and more. It includes an integrated Z-Wave transceiver, which eliminates the need to add third-party hardware to control Z-Wave devices.

The new ELAN EL-IO-2 00 IO Extender widens control to additional media and smart-home machines not placed near the main controller. Paired with an EL-SC-1 00 -ZW, EL-SC-3 00 -ZW, or a gSC Series Controller it can enable systems to expand to meet developing needs. Sized for easy installing, this extender can fit in the smallest spaces.

The new ELAN EL-SC-2 00 -ZW bundles the new EL-SC-1 00 -ZW System Controller with the EL-IO-2 00 Control Extender and ties it all together with an EL-SW-1 00 -PRO license to seamlessly furnish control and automation for all popular categories.

The new series of ELAN System Controllers is just one one of the purposes of the strong lineup of new, innovative products promised by Nortek Control for 2021. Pricing and accessibility will be announced soon.

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The post Nortek Control Announces New ELAN( r) System Control Platform and Software Focusing on Project Flexibility seemed first on Elan.

The post Nortek Control Announces New ELAN( r) System Control Platform and Software Focusing on Project Flexibility seemed first on Nortek Control.

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