PITTSBURGH- MARCH 2, 2021- Guardian Protection has launched a new product named “Video Doorbell Pro” which it says will remove annoyances often experienced with standard video bell cameras. The “Pro”, available to new and existing patrons, has a vertically expanded field of view, video analytics that heighten people detection- including detection of those who lurk outside and don’t touch the doorbell- plus an advanced, high dynamic range that sharpens opinions both day and night.

According to Vice President of Marketing Kevin Bish, the new Video Doorbell Pro improves the overall smart home security experience with its higher 1440 -x1 920 resolution, increased 3,000 clips-per-month video storage, and ability to seamlessly interface with the other components in Guardian’s smart home security system.

Bish commented, “When answering the doorbell remotely, as many people now do, the Pro lets you touch a button on your smartphone to have the garage door move up or the front entrance unlock and allow your visitor entry without “ve had to” physically answer the door.” He added, “And because it focuses on alerting customers to the presence of people, riling notifications caused by the detection of cars and animals are largely eliminated. It’s a game changer and we’re proud to be able to install it in the homes of customers where its convenience can be fully enjoyed.”

In addition to an expanded vertical view allowing a homeowner to see the package that’s been delivered to the doorstep or welcome mat outside their door, the Pro lets users electronically “paint” a customized ground region in any shape outlining the specific areas they want it to monitor, such as a driveway, steps to a porch, garden field, etc. When activity is detected, a notification is sent within seconds to the homeowner, and then live video can be viewed on the Guardian mobile App or a computer, whichever is favor.

Other cutting-edge features of the new Video Doorbell Pro include a built-in battery heater that ensures operation in very cold weather, dual-band 5GHz and 2.4 GHz to accommodate variables in Wi-Fi service, and two-way seamless audio allowing users to talk and listen at the same time, unlike the old walkie-talkie functionality of other video doorbells.

“Our mission is to make-up homes and businesses safer, smarter, and more connected for the people who live and work there, and our Video Doorbell Pro is just another way that we are accomplishing that mission, ” said Bish.

Guardian offers the Video Doorbell Pro as an add-on to its monitored smart-alecky home security systems in all regions that it serves and through its network of authorized dealers.

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