Featuring BLE technologies, readers offer a cost effective, advanced upgrade track that delivers an extra level of encrypted security and touchless customer convenience

CARLSBAD, Calif ., May 4, 2021- Offering enhanced security and personalized access control, Nortek Control today launched its new Linear( r) BT135-W Access Control Reader and Linear BT1 25 -W Access Control Reader. The new readers integrate Bluetooth Low Energy( BLE) technologies providing users intelligent, contactless and secure access control in a slim intend that fits seamlessly into any office or building environment. Furthermore, the new Linear readers offer merchants and end-users several options to customize access control in a procured way.

Users are able to pair the Linear BT1 35 -W Reader with the new Linear 13.56 Megahertz( MHz) smart cards and key fobs for premium security. With 13.56 MHz information extremely difficult to clone, these new readers provide a strong security solution for additional user peace of mind. Plus, the Linear BT1 25 -W Access Control Reader offerings backward compatibility with current Linear 125 kilohertz( kHz) Prox cards and key fobs. By mix these solutions with the new Linear Access Control Mobile App, users get the added convenience of touchless enter, and the flexibility to have both physical and mobile credentials. Security is further heightened with the mobile app, which securely stores and delivers mobile credentials to personal machines. Along with providing the ability to customize options to specific end user needs, the app can also store multiple credentials with a color-coded labeling system to distinguish between the credentials.

“We’ve up-leveled the security in our new readers leveraging all the capabilities of BLE technology. Users get secure access to mobile credentials, and their phone’s built-in biometric sensors increase security and expand credentials protection by utilizing a user’s integrated personal biometric data on their mobile machines, such as fingerprint scanners or face unlock, ” said Mark Prowten, Director of Product Management for Nortek Control’s Linear brand. “We also designed our new readers with merchants and integrators in intellect. They will appreciate how simple we’ve attained installation and deployment for them. There is no portal login or on-boarding process necessary allowing them to ensure a user’s information remains secure and private. In addition, the app only requires a one-time registration of a user’s cell phone number.”

For the dealer, having the flexibility to determine read range at different levels uniquely solves perimeter access needs. All Linear Bluetooth access control readers include a digital BLE range-setting card. This card devotes installers the ability to toggle the reader’s Bluetooth read-range between five different modes: Tap-and-Go, Short( up to 2 inches ), Medium( up to 10 inches ), Long( up to 15 feet ), and Max( up to 30 feet ).

“These new Linear readers combine the most recent, advanced BLE and contactless smart card engineerings that allow our access control manufacturer and integrator customers to offer a total solution- one that is compatible with mobile and physical credentials, ” said Richard Pugnier, Vice President of Marketing at Nortek Control. “As part of our total solution with expanded feature alternatives, the latest Linear access control readers offer an easy upgrade route for existing customers while also constructing them very attractive for new site installs that can lead to additional revenue opportunities for our dealers.”

Available now, the new Linear BT1 35 -W and BT125-W Access Control Readers along with the new mobile and physical credentials are the most recent introduction in the successful and growing Linear reader series. The new Linear mobile app is live on both the iTunes App Store, and Google Play( r) Store. For more detailed product information, please appreciate: https :// linear-solutions.com/ readers /

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