Our awesome in-house customer care team answers tons of security-related questions every day. But one question we hear often is, what happens to my home security system if I move?

Moving is high on the listing of life’s most stressful events, we are therefore completely understand this concern. There are a million and one things to consider during the course of its moving process. When you’re in the thick of it, it’s hard to imagine how everything will come together in the end.

We want to be there for you and make sure you get everything you need for a seamless move, including answering any matter concerning your existing or future home security services. If you’re a Guardian customer and scheming a move, this post is for you!

Why it’s important to notify Guardian of your moving date

If you move without reprogramming your security system, your alarm will continue to transmit signals after you’re gone. That can result in false alarms and expensive penalty, which is the last thing you want to deal with during this hectic process. Avoid the hassle and make sure that you apprise Guardian of your moving date as soon as you know it — it’s one less thing to worry about!

Remember, there’s no need to relocate any of your current equipment, so cross that off your to-do list! Bring us in the loop and we will reprogram the alarm service at your old home when you are move out.

Get a new smart home security system to match your new home

There’s never a bad time to up your home security play, and moving into a new home is a fantastic opportunity to reevaluate your needs. A security system should be tailored specifically for you and your home, and there are numerous examples of how your needs might modify. For instance 😛 TAGEND

Is your new home larger or smaller? Is the layout completely different, with more points of enter? Will you have a garage? Does keeping an eye on your backyard necessitate video surveillance?

If these questions are produce your head spin, don’t worry! Guardian can work with you to address these changes, and recognize other areas for improvement.

You may want to take this opportunity to implement any alters you’ve been considering, such as adding cameras in new places, upgrading to newer cameras with more features, or incorporating smart-alecky home automation devices. Keep in psyche that investing in smart home technology can boost your home’s resale value .

Talk to Guardian about moving advertisings for current patrons

A safe and smart-alecky home is the best housewarming gift you could give yourself, and the lucky folks buying your house. It’s the perfect time to introduce the new homeowners to the benefits of a professionally monitored alarm system . And if they decides to become a Guardian customer, you can earn a referral credit as a personal thank you from us.

Give us a call to get started!

Call Guardian about my move

What does my realtor need to know about my alarm system?

First things first: Give you realtor Guardian Protection’s contact number, which is 1.800. PROTECT( 1.800.776.8328 ). They may need to contact us directly at some degree in the process.

A smart security system is a huge value-add for a home on the market. In fact, a survey revealed that when asked to select only one smart home feature to add to their home, respondents ranked a high-tech security system first.The more your realtor knows about your existing security system — including integrated smart home devices, security cameras and video bells, and monitored smoke alarms — the more they can talk it up to anyone who considers buying your home. Are you get a homeowner’s insurance discount by having professionally monitored security? That’s the kind of stuff shoppers “ve got to hear”!

Also, if your realtor will have access to your home, give them a quick education on how to arm and disarm your system, and what to do if there is an accidental alarm. You may wish to give him or her a temporary alarm consumer code to build prove the house a little easier.

Let’s Discuss Your Move

To learn more about moving with Guardian or to talk through your alternatives, call 1.800. PROTECT( 1.800.776.8328) and request the Moves Team. Or, only fill out the form on our Moving Support page and we’ll be in touch!

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