By Chris Lynch

Today, buyers of new homes want more than only a real estate investment; they are looking to enhance their lifestyle. So, the design center isn’t just about finish options and upgrades anymore! The designing center is now the influential catalyst in transforming a homebuilder into a new home retailer. Going beyond construction of the home, a builder who is a home retailer is able to meet a buyers’ personalization longings and deliver the’ New American Dream’ of living a luxury lifestyle. It’s about understanding today’s’ new homebuyer’ and delivering the world class customer experience they deserve when constructing the most important purchase of their life!

The difference between production builders and new home retailers is that production builders focus on process while new home retailers focus on the customer experience. If you focus first on a buyer’s luxury features and build backwards, this approach creates a more personalized experience that likewise keeps you on schedule.

Why is new home retailing so important? Many shoppers prefer to buy a new home, and statistics is demonstrating that new home builders simply capture around 10% of all homebuyer acquisitions. That intends builders are missing out on most of the new home purchasers. What is needed is to better align a sales strategy to how new home customers want to purchase today.

Issue# 1 Instead of acting like a production builder, point your corporation as a builder of personalized homes on the following schedule. Homebuilders everywhere simply wish options and upgrades would go away. Owners, executives, buying, construction, customer service and accounting people in the homebuilding industry struggle with this attitude and will continue to until they recognise personalization is a core function of their business. After they acknowledge this is true, they can embrace the changes that need to be made to their jobs as a vital part of the business, instead of a fus there is a desire would go away.

Issue# 2 Don’t think like a Used Homebuyer. Personalization and the design center experience is the greatest value-added service a homebuilder can provide to sell more homes. New home salespeople who embrace and involve’ new’ homebuyers with a respect and appreciation for the difference between’ used’ homebuyers and’ new’ homebuyers will be the big winners going forward. Over 80% of’ new’ homebuyers don’t want to buy a new home fixer upper, and are willing to invest to make their new home their own personal living space. Engaging new homebuyers with this knowledge improves the communication, ensures realistic expectations and stimulates the experience of buying a new home more enjoyable.

Healthy, Fit, and Fabulous are the keys to new home retailing according to Mike Moore, a leading building industry expert.

Healthymore energy efficient, healthier and cleaner, on the inside and out. A new home should be more energy efficient, quieter, and cleaner to live in. Here are some quick tips on how to improve the energy efficiency of the homes you sell!

Fit–a home that is a connected home, with all its technology functioning and its parts working together within a future-proof platform. A connected intelligent home has smart-alecky systems that are fully integrated and easily managed with a single app on the phone or a touchscreen. In other terms, shades, illuminating, climate, audio, video, music, access, security, surveillance, pool, and irrigation can all be connected to one controller and taken together. Homeowners can choose to personalize their home with lifestyle enhancement bundles that make their home experience more convenient and fun from the latest engineerings they can only get with a new home.

Fabulous–the new home is personalized to reflect each homebuyer’s personal style and enhance their homeownership and lifestyle. For instance, Christian Brothers Interiors( CBI) Finished Home Design Program features Studio Chateau, a national award-winning online alternatives selection and management program. This program helps the designer and homebuyer create a home tailored to their personal taste and lifestyle that runs a long way in enhancing the living experience of the new homeowner.

Read more about CBI’s Finished Home Design Program here.

Mike Moore is a resulting builder industry veteran, featured keynote talker, and writer. Mike has been teaching, training and coaching new homebuilders and design centres professionals for many years. Its own experience led to his co-founding Options Online in 1996 with one of his clients. Alternatives Online became a nationally recognized, award winning online designing centre operating system. In fact, it was the first of its kind and is still going strong today as Studio Chateau.

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