The past twelve months have been a remarkable hour of digital conversion as organisations, and especially digital security teams, adapt to working remotely and shifting business operations. IT leaders everywhere turned to Zero Trust approaches to alleviate the challenges of enabling and securing remote project. Using Zero Trust to secure users, data, and machines( wherever they may be) has changed from optional to a business imperative overnight.

In this short report, we surveyed IT leaders around the world to determine how they’re implementing Zero Trust practises to protect their identities and ensure their employees have secure access to resources.A clickable link to the full PDF infographic to the Zero Trust whitepaper

Most IT leaders are already applying Zero Trust practices with their identity management solutions. While the majority of IT leaders have implemented Zero Trust practises into their identity and access solution, simply a monitory have moved on to more advanced controls that utilize automation and AI-based threat analysis. Multi-factor authentication( MFA) and Single Sign-On( SSO) are the most common. Additionally, a majority are analyzing risk before granting access–a critical proactive step to preventing unauthorized be made available to corporate resources. Identities and devices are the top priority for most organisations. With employees working outside the corporate network and increasingly using personal devices, this is no surprise. However, amazingly, the majority of IT leaders do not rate identities as the most mature component in their Zero Trust strategy. Zero Trust is still in infancy. Despite substantial growth in Zero Trust exertions over the past twelve months, only one in ten IT leaders report feeling very confident in their Zero Trust identity management roadmap.

Read the full report for more details.

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