Organizations are seeing a substantial increase in the diversity of machines retrieving computer networks. With employees use personal machines and accessing corporate resources from new locations in record numbers, IT leaders are seeing an increase in their assault surface area. They’re turning to Zero Trust security simulates to ensure they have the visibility there is a requirement to, and their data is protected as its retrieved from outside the corporate network utilizing a wider variety of devices.

We surveyed IT presidents around the world to determine how they’re use Zero Trust practises to protect their devices and enable access to the corporate network from unsecured devices.

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More personal machines are accessing corporate resources than ever. In response to the substantial shift to remote job, IT leaders report visualizing more of their employees utilizing personal devices to access their networks. As a ensue, they’re prioritizing device management solutions to improve security and control on personal devices. Devices accessing the network are monitored but often left out of access decisions. While most IT leaders report that they’re monitoring device health and compliance, the majority aren’t currently employing that status in their access decision making. Preventing unauthorized and risky devices is critical to protecting corporate data supplied by a modern environment. Personal devices are widely agreed to increase risk exposure. Over 92 percent of IT leaders was considered that a proliferation of personal machines is increasing their attack surface area. However, much less say they’re prepared for managing access from unsecured machines.

Check out the infographic for more details.

If you’re looking at how to help prevent machines from being the weakest associate in your security strategy, check out our Zero Trust deployment guidance for endpoints.

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