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Phishing and email spoofing not only erode brand trust but also leave recipients vulnerable to financial loss and serious invasions of privacy. These tactics have been around for years, but their breadth and sophistication today pose a formidable menace. According to the FBI, fraudulent emails mailed under the guise of their own domains expense companies over $13 billion between 2016 and 2020.1

Microsoft has industry-leading solutions for protecting clients from such attacks. Recently, Microsoft was named a leader in the 2021 Enterprise Email Security Wave2, with Microsoft Defender for Office 365 receiving the highest possible ratings in categories like incident response, threat intelligence, endpoint detecting and response( EDR) integration, product strategy, and customer success. This acknowledgment is the latest testament to Microsoft’s continued innovation as a best-of-breed solution for email and collaboration security.

Valimail joined the Microsoft Intelligence Security Association3( MISA) to transform Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance( DMARC ), one of the most reliable–yet often improbably complex–ways to successfully strengthen email security. Valimail Authenticate, the first true DMARC-as-a-service offering, devotes Microsoft Office 365 consumers free visibility into every service sending emails under their realms, plus additional tools to achieve DMARC enforcement faster than with any other solution.

Instead of struggling to set up DMARC or hiring expensive consultants to reach enforcement, Microsoft patrons can use Valimail Authenticate to automate the process of DMARC enforcement using simple, guided workflows.

The blended power and deep integration of these two engineerings is in the results: Microsoft customers, such as the MLB, Uber, Citgo, Nestle, and the Department of Transportation currently reduce email scam, increase deliverability across every domain, and protect their brands’ reputations.

DMARC-as-a-service: A new approach to email security

For those who have only heard of DMARC in passing or not at all, it might sound like simply another enterprise email acronym. However, DMARC enforcement has already proven to be a valuable defender of enterprise email. According to Gartner( r ), DMARC is one of the top 1o security projects4, based on Gartner forecasts and adjusted for the impact of COVID-1 9. The problem with most approaches to DMARC, nonetheless, has been in the tenuous implementation.

Here is some quick context on what DMARC is, and how many cycles IT has had to invest working with it in the past. At its most simple definition, DMARC is a way to tell other email servers that messages coming from your realms are legitimate. Typically, IT would insert a line of code in a text record under DNS specifies for each domain, which triggers recipient servers to send a report of every IP address claiming to be valid senders from your organization.

v =D MARC1; p= reject; rua= mailto :d marc_agg @vali. email

Someone would then need to read through sender listings in XML, has demonstrated that each IP address is connected to an approved service, set up DomainKeys Identified Mail( DKIM) and Send Policy Framework( SPF) individually for each, and check back regularly to see if new suspicious senders have appeared.

This process can be tedious. That’s why many companies are genuinely concerned about email fraud and deliverability never finish the DMARC projects “theyre starting”. Last time alone 53,000 companies added a DMARC record, with merely 10 percentage successfully getting themselves to enforcement. Valimail Authenticate removes the significant manual upkeep from email security workflows, constructing the whole process seamless for Microsoft Office 365 users. Microsoft Office 365 users can get free visibility into their environment and turn on Valimail Authenticate with a single click.

How Microsoft Office 365 and Valimail Authenticate taken together

Microsoft launched Office 365 to drive an industry-wide shift toward cloud-based services and API-driven integrations. As cloud became the norm for even the most security-conscious enterprises, corporations approved more and more marketers to send an email on their behalfs–such as Salesforce, Marketo, Splunk, Workday, DocuSign, Twilio SendGrid, and more.

Valimail built Authenticate to address this new, cloud-connected landscape. By automating the identification of email senders and the subsequent policy-setting needed to keep domains protected, Valimail Authenticate offers users a modern, efficient route to DMARC enforcement. Native integration to Microsoft Office 365 ensures Microsoft customers don’t have to worry about configurations, manually identifying senders, or drawing in extra resources to get DMARC done right.

Here’s how Microsoft Office 365 patrons can get started with Authenticate and reach DMARC enforcement in simply a few minutes 😛 TAGEND

Image demonstrating process to start utilizing Valimail Authenticate.

Figure 1. Microsoft users can get started with one click. Authenticate configures DNS situates for DKIM and SPF automatically behind the scenes.

You’ll then run through a few stairs that aid Authenticate enforce your DMARC policy. First, Authenticate will automatically match all your known email senders with its existing catalog–you won’t visualize IP address, you’ll understand the names of services you know.

Image demonstrating visibility of services sending email under your domain.

Figure 2. Get free visibility into the services mailing email under your domain.

For unrecognizable or possibly fraudulent services, rapidly differentiate them to be blocked or quarantined. You’ll be notified if any new ones are determined later, so you’ll never wonder if you’ve caught everything.

Image demonstrating intuitive workflow of Valimail Authenticate’s tasks.

Figure 3. Guided task lists construct Authenticate easy for anyone to use; work through each task to authenticate domain services in a simple, intuitive workflow.

Authenticate will ensure your SPF and DKIM records stay up to date. If you ever need to check the logs or do a technical deep-dive, you can access detailed information on your DMARC determines whenever you wish.

Image demonstrating Valimail Authenticate’s ability to display activity in every domain and service at every stage of the process.

Figure 4. Authenticate shows you what’s happening for every domain and service at every stage of the process.

Together, Microsoft’s unparalleled protection through Microsoft 365, read in conjunction with Valimail Authenticate, attains protecting your domain globally as easy as 1, 2, 3. It starts with Microsoft 365 customers get free visibility into DMARC enforcement, plus a free trial of all the features of Valimail Authenticate. Get started today.

About Valimail

Valimail is the global leader in Zero Trust email security. The company’s full line of cloud-native answers authenticate sender identity to stop phishing, protect brands, and ensure compliance; they are used by organizations ranging from neighborhood shops to some of the world’s largest organizations, including Uber, Splunk, Yelp, Fannie Mae, Mercedes Benz USA, and the US Federal Aviation Administration. Valimail is the fastest-growing DMARC solution with the largest global market share and is the premier DMARC partner for Microsoft 365 environments. For more information visit their website.

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