They say you don’t know what you have’ till it’s gone, but not us. We know exactly what we have: the best patrons in the world( maybe ever, we’d “re going to have to” do more research ).

It truly feels like we’ve gotten closer over the past year. And it’s no surprise. We’ve been through a lot together!

Through all the uncertainty and the challenges, all the questions and the changes, you always helped maintain our spirits up. We knew the security services we offer is the key every time we got off the phone with you, read one of your emails, or saw your faces — from a safe distance, of course.

You, our awesome Guardian patrons.

Please accept this Valentine as a heartfelt expressed appreciation for. We know how difficult things are right now, and helping continue you and your loved ones safe means the world to us. Merely know, we’re here, we care, and we have your back.

So here’s to you, our fantastic Guardian fam. Some of you have been with us for decades, some just a few cases periods. Either way, helping patrons like you never gets old, and we acknowledge you. Guardian Clients, you’re our Favorites.

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