When you hear a security company talk about” professional monitoring ,” you might immediately think about burglary and intrusion protection. Constructs appreciation, because a professionally monitored home alarm system is the best way to deter interlopers and help protect your home from break-ins.

But professional monitoring is really about retaining you safe overall, and helping protect what is most important. It can be used to help protect against various categories of common homeowner concerns — ones that are potentially lethal, and ones that can lead to devastating property injury. For example, did you know that your home can also be monitored for environmental menaces, such as fire, carbon monoxide gas, and sea leaks?

When combined with security monitoring, lifetime safety and environmental monitoring takes your home’s safety to a different level. And with Guardian, there is no additional charge for these monitoring services; it’s included in your monthly cost. All you need to do is add the equipment! So, let’s talk about a few cases important live safety and environmental monitoring alarms every household should add to a security system.

Monitored Fire Alarm Systems

More than three out of every five home fire deaths happen in homes that do not have smoke alarm, or the smoke alarms aren’t working. When you have working smoke alarms in your home, it cuts your risk of dying in a home burn in half !

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Monitored smoke detectors are connected to a central station who can notify the fire department whether your system is armed or not, whether you are sound asleep or away from home. This type of fire alarm system( monitored versus non-monitored) is by far the best approach to help protect your home. After all, if a flame is seen when no one is home, who will call for help?

Guardian’s monitored combination smoke and heat detectors use photoelectric technology, which sees abnormal levels of smoking caused by slow smoldering fires. This type of tech is particularly effective at identifying abnormally high levels of smoke associated with even small, smoldering flames — before they get out of control. Not only can this help to protect your property, it can help protect you and your loved ones from deadly smoking inhalation.

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Monitored Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is poisonous, colorless, odorless and tasteless gas produced by devices that burn ga, like your water heater or stave. Breathing it in can be life-threatening, and it’s practically undetectable without the proper equipment.

A monitored carbon monoxide detector for your home does more than offer early warning of abnormally high amounts of carbon monoxide gas; the committee is also alertings a monitoring squad who can notify emergency assistance( this can be particularly important when you and their own families are sleeping .) You are also welcome to receive a text notification that the detector has gone off, so you’ll know about it whether you are at home or not.

Monitored sea and deluge sensors

Water damage caused by flooding and leaks is likely to be devastate to your home — to the tune of $ 25,000 for only 1 inch of water. Monitored water sensors detect the presence of water in your home, and help alerts you to potential flooding before extensive injury results. These relatively inexpensive machines are perfect for tucked away areas of your home prone to flooding, like the basement or under a sink.

When a sea sensor is connected to your professionally monitored security system, it can also signal an alarm to your company’s monitoring center and send you a notification via text or email.

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Room temperature sensors and smart thermostats

Temperature monitoring an often-overlooked part of a whole-home security solution. But if you’re looking for that just-right temperature at home, they’re essential — specially when paired with smart thermostats. These two form the ultimate home consolation power pair, giving you control over your home’s heating, cooling, and general energy management.

Room temperature sensors let you decide what temperatures are too high and too low, and generate unique heating and cooling schedules by quantify the average temperature of multiple chambers. Discover unwanted sways in temperature before there’s a bigger problem. And the best part? You can get get alerts when something is off!

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Medical alert devices

When there is a medical emergency at home, the ability to get help rapidly is crucial. Seconds count. In situations of a cardiac arrest, for every minute that passes without CPR and defibrillation, the chances of survival decreases by seven to 10 percent — plus, 75% of cardiac arrests occur at home .

Medical alert pendants can provide peace of mind for anyone who is elderly, lives alone, or has health or mobility issues. A medical pendant is a wearable device that can send a signal if there is a health emergency at home. All you have to do is press and hold the panic button, and an emergency signal will be transmitted to the monitoring center. Then, the monitoring squad can alert authorities that urgent help is needed.

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Improve safety and convenience at home with environmental and living safety devices

Fire, carbon monoxide gas, and overflow, and temperature monitoring are even more styles Guardian helps keep your home safe. With Guardian’s U.S.-based, U.L.-listed monitoring centres on the job, you can feel confident knowing that our security experts embarking upon a response to any alarms from your environmental detectors and sensors — even if you’re away, sleeping, or simply tied up in a operate meeting.

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