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Pull up a seat and remain for awhile. We’ve reviewed the best foldable canes with seats.

Best overall

GoPlus Adjustable Folding Cane SeatGoPlus Adjustable Folding Cane SeatIcon Pros  LightErgonomic cane handle Icon Pros  LightBuilt-in flashlight Icon Pros  LightReinforced seatView on AmazonRead review

Best for basics

Drive Medical Lightweight Adjustable Cane SeatDrive Medical Folding Lightweight Adjustable CaneIcon Pros  LightWeighs under 1.5 lb.Icon Pros  LightCarries up to 250 lb.Icon Pros  LightAdjusts to fit your heightView on AmazonRead review

Best for outdoors

Freshore walking cane chairFreshore Walking Stick Cane Chair SeatIcon Pros  LightDurable cloth seatIcon Pros  LightFour legs for extra stabilityIcon Pros  LightWide seatView on AmazonRead review

Katie McEntire


Katie McEntire

Staff Writer, Safety& Security

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Did you know that it’s Mobility Awareness Month? Learn more about supporting yourself or your loved ones with our Room-by-Room Guide to Senior Home Safety.

Bottom line: GoPlus offers support and lightings the route

Whether you’re exploring a museum or taking a walk in the park, the best cane stool furnishes a sturdy seat and comfy manage while walking.

The GoPlus adjustable folding cane seat adjusts to accommodate people of most sizings. It likewise comes with a built-in flashlight and ergonomic manage for all-day use. Plus, GoPlus also throws in a seat cushion for those longer rests and three rubber tip footpads to avoid scratching the floor.

Best Folding Canes with Seats1. GoPlus Adjustable Folding Cane Seat: Best overall2. Drive Medical Folding Lightweight Adjustable Cane: Best for basics3. Freshore Walking Stick Cane Chair Seat: Best for outdoors4. Mac Sports Folding Cane Chair: Best for traveling5. Drive Medical Sling Chair: Style pick

man in seat listening to music and holding a cane

Compare foldable cane chairs Best overallBest for basics Best for outdoors Best for travel Style pick GoPlus Adjustable Folding Cane Seat Drive Medical Folding Lightweight Adjustable Cane Freshore Walking Stick Cane Chair SeatMac Sports Folding Cane ChairDrive Medical Sling ChairPrice $47.99 $57.98 $27.64Weight capacity2 20 lb. 250 lb. 250 lb. 225 lb. 250 lb. Cane weight3 lb. 1.3 lb. 3.6 lb. 2 lb. 2.4 lb.Cane heightUp got 35 in. Up to 38 in. 33.5 in. 34.5 in. 34 in. Seat size6 in. 9 in. 15.7 in. x 17.7 in. 13 in. x 13 in. 15.5 in. x 6.25 in. Seat typePlasticPlastic ClothClothCloth AdjustableIcon Yes  LightYesIcon Yes  LightYes Icon No  LightNo Icon No  LightNo Icon No  LightNo View on AmazonView on Amazon

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