Our parents love and care for us throughout “peoples lives”. But naturally, the time comes when they need us to care for them. For many of us, COVID-1 9 pushed the timeline up sooner than we expected.

The safety and well-being of Mom and Dad can become one more worry that continues us up at night. And sleepless nights may simply be the start of it. Anyone who has ever acted as a family caregiver — or someone who furnishes unpaid care to a family member, friend, or neighbor — knows it’s a big undertaking. The Family Caregiver Alliance estimates that 44 million Americans provide 37 billion hours of care every year for adult family members and friends.

Whether it’s your mother or father, or merely a dear family friend, caregiving is rewarding yet challenging job. What if you could dedicate that special person in your life a gift that could make things easier for both of you?

That’s exactly why we recommend giving your aging mothers the gift of professionally monitored smart home security.

Could home security assistance my mothers?

People of ages 65 and older are often targeted for crimes because they are perceived as as more vulnerable. A criminal may accept then there isolated, more trusting, and have declining physical and cognitive role.

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program, crimes committed against people in this age group are mostly property crimes, like scam, crime, burglary, and vandalism.

Why give the gift of home security

Security might sound like a boring present at first, but remember, security isn’t just a couple sensors and a bulky keypad anymore.

Today, “youve had” options. You have the option to keep it very simple, with basic intrusion detection, but there are also tons of add-ons that serve up big benefits for anyone aging in place.

24/ 7 professional monitoring teams will alert the police, EMS, or fire department in case of an emergency.

Emergency medical assistance alternatives let customers with health or mobility issues call for help at the push of a button.

Indoor and outdoor video cameras and video buzzers with two-way talk lets users interact with guests without opening the door. Live video look-ins can assure you that your folks are OK when you are away. Smart motion sensors can be placed on medicine cabinets and other important areas throughout the home, so you can receive alarms.

Professionally monitored fire alarms and CO detectors help detect heat, smoke, and lethal gases.Home automation and energy answers let customers arm and disarm their security system, lock the door, turn off the illuminations, or adjust the temperature right from their smartphone or computer.

And as a bonus, this is a gift that dedicates two ways. Home security and automation can help things run a little smoother for anyone in your life who lives alone, has mobility issues, or just needs some peace of mind. And you can relax knowing that if they need help, it’s there.

If you’re wondering if a home security system is right for your mommy, dad, or any elderly loved one in your life, run through this checklist.

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The best security system for parents or seniors: Additional considerations

A few things to keep in mind if you’re considering a smart-alecky home security system for an elderly loved one: 1. Always threw their privacy first. While there may be hours when acting on the behalf of a senior is unavoidable, privacy and respect is the name of the game. Installing monitored devices without your parent’s knowledge or permission is unethical. Avoid positioning any machines where your mother or father should have a reasonable expectation of privacy, like bathrooms and changeable fields. If you take the time to do some online research upfront, you’ll find out pretty quickly which home security providers don’t have a good reputation for protecting customer privacy.

2. Security does not equal healthcare. Security systems and home automation can stimulate lifetime easier and safer for someone with medical concerns, especially someone with mobility issues. But even the smartest home security system is not a substitute for regular health checkups and medical attention from professionals.

3. Find a security company who will collaborate. Because home security systems require some personalization, devoting the endowment of home security takes a little legwork. But don’t be discouraged! You’ll had found that reliable security companies are more than happy to work with you to find creative ways to stimulate your present a reality.

Why opt Guardian security for your mothers

Mothers day security system

A professionally installed and monitored home security system can be a true solace for you, and a unique behavior to show someone you desire how much they matter. If you’re considering giving your parents the endowment of security rights, here are just a few reasons to consider Guardian 😛 TAGEND

Award-winning, U.S.-based monitoring centers operate 24/7 to initiate a response to alarms in under 30 seconds. Professional installing takes all the legwork off your plate, and you can feel confident that everything was done right. Quality equipment to fit a variety of homes, lifestyles, and special needs.Our smoking and CO detectors are monitored around the clock, even when a security system is disarmed. Smart home technology alternatives like video buzzers, smart-alecky thermostats, and automated lightingmake life easier and more convenient.A number of smart video security options let you check in on loved ones from anywhere. Unexpected activity alertings can learn your parent’s routine and let you know when something is out of the ordinary. Our wearable medical alarm buttons are perfect for senior citizen. You can choose to have our monitoring middle notify you and/ or emergency first responders if something goes wrong.Free mobile app let you control system and home automation from a smartphone.

Mothers Day security system 2

Protect your parents with home security

Parents spend most of their lives worrying about their children. Give them one less thing to worry about this year. Call 1.800. PROTECT( 1.800.776.8328) or fill out a form on our websiteto find out how our folks can help keep your folks safe.

While you’re at it, give Mom and Dad a call, too.

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