We’re back with 5 more home security mistakes our security experts are presented in the wild, and tips to address these problems!

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Home Security Mistake# 6: I keep my house altogether dark when no one is home.

So your house appears dark and deserted when it’s empty — so what’s wrong with that? We’ve been hardwired by our parents to shutting down the suns since we were old enough to reach a lightswitch.

But simply put, a mansion that appears abandoned can be very inviting to interlopers.

Try this: Smart connected lighting.

Automated lighting can help give your home the appearing that someone is there without breaking the bank on electricity expenditures. Create schedules for when you want the lights to be on, right down to specific blocks of hour on certain days of the week.

Or, you can determined regulations with triggers that tell your house when to light up. For example, when motion is detected near your front doorway, when your security alarm goes off, or when a certain door is open.

Home Security Mistake# 7: When I buy something expensive, I leave the packaging at the curbing.

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Just bought a shiny new flat screen Tv? You’ll want that cardboard monster out of your living room as fast as possible, but be careful: Simply lugging that box to the curb tells anyone walking by that there is expensive merchandise inside.

Try this: Break the box down by carefully cutting it into sheets with a utility bayonet. Then arrange the pieces so onlookers can’t tell what was in it.

For important acquisitions, make sure the manufacturer doesn’t require original packaging to accept returns or honor the warranty. If you plan on moving or selling your old machine, consider hanging on to the box for easier transportation.

Home Security Mistake# 8: I post about all my plans on social media.

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It’s natural to think the only people following your activity on social media are friends and family. But a burglar may use information gleaned from sites like Facebook and Instagram to figure out when a mansion is going to be empty.

Try this: Be mindful about sharing personal information online.

First, evaluation your privacy situates on all apps and social media accounts. Note whether your posts are public or to restrict your connects, and whether you have enabled GPS or” Location Service .”

Second, avoid sharing specifics about your daily schedule and your travel plans, and consider what the pictures you share reveal your whereabouts. Yes, your sidekicks want to see your stunning vacation pics! No, they won’t mind waiting until you get home.

Home Security Mistake# 9: I have a security system, but it doesn’t monitor burn and CO.

You constructed the smart choice to install a home security system — we enjoy it! But if your system isn’t monitoring for flame and deadly carbon monoxide gas, you’re only part route there.

Try this: Make sure the home security provider you have selected also monitors your smoke and CO detectors.

Professionally monitored smoke and CO detectors give you and your family an additional layer of security, provide protection at the times you need it most 😛 TAGEND

If a flame starts while you’re on vacationIf deadly CO is detected in your homeIf everyone is asleep when an alarm goes off

Home Security Mistake #10: A break-in will never happen to me.

For many of us, it’s hard to imagine a break-in happening on our block, let alone at our mansion. But the numbers speak for themselves.

The most recent FBI Crime in the U.S. reportestimated more than 1.2 million burglaries, ensuing in $3.4 billion in property losses.

Try this: Help protect your world with professionally monitored smart-alecky home security.

Hopefully, you will never experience something as traumatic as a home invasion. But just in case, a security alarm system can be that extra layer of protection it is necessary to.

You can make changes to protect your home today!

So, have you been making any of these mistakes? First things first, give yourself a break; mistakes are part of life. Plus , now that you’re aware of them, you can leverage what you’ve learned and take action!

Correcting some of these things may be as simple as altering your habits. But we think you’ll agree, a professionally monitored smart-alecky home security system with home automation is the best step you can take toward an all-around safer home.

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